Empowering Manufacturing, Redefining Production

Elevate your manufacturing experience with Autentica Parts' revolutionary blockchain infrastructure. Experience rapid production, impenetrable security, and sustainable practices.

Saving  Up to 97% time of production.
10%increase in production efficiency.
High IP Protection rate of  99.99%

Web3 Marketplace

Transform your procurement process with our Web3 Marketplace. Connect seamlessly with verified suppliers, access an extensive repository of digital designs, and securely streamline transactions on the blockchain.

IP Protection on Blockchain using NFTs

Secure your intellectual property with Autentica's advanced blockchain technology powered by Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Protect your 3D models from unauthorized access, ensure traceability throughout manufacturing, and maintain full control over your designs.

Delivered in
under 72 Hours

Our streamlined processes ensure rapid production, surpassing industry standards and delivering your parts in record time. With Autentica you're guaranteed: Swift Turnaround, Ironclad Security, Sustainable Practices

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Unified System

Optimize your operations with Autentica's unified system. Effortlessly manage design data, coordinate production across distributed facilities, and track your products' entire lifecycle in real-time.

Oil &Gas
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Medical Life Science

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Industries

Autentica offers innovative manufacturing solutions for a wide range of industries. Whether you're in automotive, aerospace, defense, bioprinting, or beyond, we're here to provide customized, impactful solutions to meet your specific needs.
I love that I was able to present my work to a team of credible designers and get live feedback.

Aisha Bashar, DesignStation

With my cohort, I learned how to create custom website experiences that got me a job at a new startup.

Roger Creighton, Airtable

I loved connecting with a supportive group of peers to learn with. I especially loved my design teachers!

Jayla Carson, Apple

I was online with my fellow cohort members for hours every day, learning about the course material and discussing it with them.

Yemi Musa, Spotify

It was a great experience, and I'm so glad I did it. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to learn online.

Raya Dashford, Twitter

I loved getting to know my classmates and teachers. Each cohort was incredibly helpful and super fun!

Shay Radson, webflow

The GoClass teachers were great at teaching us how to create beautiful and effective websites.

Taylor Waham, Zapier

The Autentica Experience

At Autentica, we specialize in revolutionizing manufacturing with our deep expertise and innovative solutions tailored to the maritime and oil and gas industries. From cutting-edge technologies to collaborative partnerships, we empower companies to drive innovation, reduce costs, and stay competitive in the market.

We provide a secure 3D printing blockchain ecosystem that protects IP, authenticates transactions and distributes 3d printed parts, reducing the lead time of a replacement part from 135 days to 72 hours or less.


Our clients speak for us, sharing their experiences and successes with Autentica's innovative solutions.

Im interested in making my designs available to sell worldwide for anyone that wants to print them. I currently sell 3d printed parts but for international orders the shipping and logistics costs really hurt the sales closing. Also Im interested in doing so from a platform that protects both the final customer as well as the designer.

Rodrigo Samper

ROART Engineering

I was excited to see that such a project is already in action. I’m a huge enthusiast of the decentralisation approach, and I’ve been trying to push initiatives in this direction here at the company for some time now.

Pedro Seelig

Designer Fiat Brazil